December 21, 2010

Out of the Bush!

I went with a group of 36 missionaries from over 10 nations into “the bush” of Mozambique for 10 days this past week. We did home visits in the mornings and showed the Jesus film in the Makua and Makonde language and prayed with many people after the film—many of whom were healed from physical diseases, prayers received to stop their addictions to alcohol and drugs, and others who simply wanted to commit their lives to Christ. One man begged us for prayers to be freed of his prolonged alcohol addiction. “My family is suffering! I am spending all my money on alcohol and I can’t stop. I know God is the answer, please pray for me—I want to stop.”

My favorite day was the last day. We happened upon an Ethiopian refugee on a street corner. A group of 45 of them had just arrived on a boat the day before and were starving. I bough him a sack of ground nuts and bread and as we prayed with him, he began weeping. My heart broke. Two more Ethiopian men showed up and I bought food, and we prayed. Once again, their brokenness and desperation was so evident—but their humble faith in God was indescribable. As I prayed in English, which they could not understand, they would passionately say, “Hallelujah! Amen!” with tears in their eyes.

Later that night, a group of us cooked up our remaining rice and beans and arranged with the police of the refugee camp nearby to feed the 700 men and 1 woman, many who had been there for several months. When I arrived, several missionaries had already organized a few things, but couldn’t get them to sit down and sing before the meal. I walked amidst them, spotted a man whom I’m seen earlier that day and somehow communicated to him that we can sing his songs. I sang, “Halleluajah..” and his eyes then lit up and he began singing in his mother tongue and I nodded enthusiastically and motioned, “More! More!” And from that moment on, the place became heaven on earth. Over 300 men that were gathered at that time began singing in their language the most beautiful Ethiopian songs, dancing, eyes lifted to heaven.

They had left the refugee camp and their hearts and minds and souls were in a different place. We danced and sang with them until we were fully drenched in sweat, smiling and encouraging each other without words but in our spirits. Tears filled my eyes most of that hour—tears of joy that these men could be comforted by God amidst such desperation—tears of sadness that they and their families are suffering so unimaginably—tears of mourning for all the refugees that didn’t make it and died along the way.

After singing, they sat down and one of them preached to the others and we began praying for the sick. One tall man who was very thin had a very high fever. His face, chest and arms were burning. After praying his fever broke and his face, arms and one side of his chest became cool. Others with headaches and joint pains also felt well after praying. One sweet 17 year old boy, after praying, I just hugged like a mother would her child. Culturally it was inappropriate, but I couldn’t help myself and he just cried and melted in my arms. Poor boy to have to endure such things at such a young age!

Please pray for these refugees and their families! I will celebrate Christmas here in Pemba helping to feed some 3000 children and also spending time with my leper friends in town. Then I’ll be off to Nairobi to renew my visa and then back to Mozambique to join a new mission team down south. Thanks for your continued prayers and support! Much love to you!

December 11, 2010

Amazing time in Mozambique!

Amazing last few weeks here in Pemba at Iris Ministries. The classes have been challenging and drawn me closer to God and given me new strength for my mission work ahead. Thanks for the prayers in regards to where I will go in January. I will visit a mission team in the Manica province of Mozambique with a well established ecumenical mission that does medical and prison ministry and faith formation for people of all ages. I’ll tell you more about it later!

I had another amazing time at the center for leprosy treatment here in Pemba. The small group of recovering lepers are always so happy to see me, as I am to see them. This week, we prayed for Ernesto who complained of several months of blurred vision. As we prayed, we asked his friend Manuel to pray and lay his hands on Ernesto’s eyes. After that, his blurriness left and he said he was completely fine now. They were all so happy including me!

On our graduation day of the Iris school here, I had an amazing gift. The class gave out ‘awards’ for people who stood out among the 140 of us students from over 22 countries and they were all quite funny. The last one, however, we announced as “this is a serious honoring”. It was for the student who exemplified the most love and care for the poor. They chose me. I couldn’t believe it! They gave me a standing ovation. I still am in shock, but I trust, somehow, that God is using me to be an inspiration somehow profoundly in people’s lives.

Please pray for me to keep growing, learning, loving and being faithful to this mission call He has given me, especially as I transition to this new mission site. I fly to Nairobi to renew my visa then back in Mozambique on January 2nd. God bless you all and thanks for your prayers!.

November 21, 2010


I will never be the same after this weekend! I went with a group “to the bush” to show the Jesus film and pray with those in need. As the film started, I went with my Scottish friend Margaret Leslie and Swiss friend Irene and one of the Mozambiquan pastors and the local chief to pray with the sick in their home. A 25 year old lady named Teresina, was in severe pain, unable to swallow her saliva due to dental pain in a horribly decayed molar for the last 3 days. She had a fever, was crying and had paint on her face from the witch doctor who tried to cure her.

We prayed for about 30 minutes while the Pastor explained about God’s love for her. Though she felt a little better at the end, we only were convinced of her healing when the chief found us later that night and explained she was totally fine.

The second Muslim lady, Sara, in her late 20’s had been sick for 5 years—I’m guessing AIDS. She was unable to walk much and had chronic pains all over. She wanted healing so badly as she’d spent so much time and money in hospitals and witch doctors. After about a half hour or so, we assisted her to walk and she said she felt different-- absolutely fine. She came with us to the Jesus film with her high fever hd gone and now convinced of God’s love for her, she eagerly accepted Jesus into her life.

The next morning the chief walked two miles to tell us that the whole village was celebrating all the miracles that happened and that Teresina is now brushing her teeth, eating and talking a lot…all things she had been unable to do for over 3 days! Sara was now feeling normal and had dreams all through the night of being set free from all her demons and sicknesses and that she was now very, very happy. Amazing!! These are just a portion of the exciting things that happened!

God has so much for us His children if we are just open to receive it. The reason we pray in the Our Father prayer, “thy Kingdom come… on earth as it is in heaven” is that He wants us to be free of sickness, unforgiveness, bitterness because those things are not present in heaven. Yes, God loves to use medicine and dentistry to help bring His Kingdom, and he brings good out of our suffering; but practically speaking--the amount of time I would have spent to help these poor desperate women would have been much more than what God did for them in a short time.

What God did for these women transformed their body, mind and soul permanently— and free! It taught them that they have an advocate, a God and people who love them and takes care of them when other means can’t.

I know you have people in your neighborhood who need some encouragement. I pray that today you allow God to use you to make a difference in someone’s life who is hurting because the more we give, the more we get blessed.

Please keep us in your prayers… I depend on them!


November 16, 2010

Ibrahim touched by love

I visited the center for leprosy in Pemba early this week. While I was there, Gabriel, the beautiful health worker volunteer, was planning to do a dressing change on Ibrahim, a 60 year old man whose whole life has been plagued by leprosy. Most likely, the severity of his leprosy was due to many attempts to complete the year long treatment which thwarted by wars and lack of access to medication and poverty. He must of suffered from a young age as he had no children or wife which for an African is a horrible thing.

We bathed both elbows and hands and dressed the wounds of his feet with gauze. “Ibrahim- do you know that God loves you so much?” and sweet Abraham nodded with a very big smile. “I know.” Chema, the Director of the program who himself is a recovered leper and has totally contractured and stumped fingers, said, “Bichos—ele tem bichos” and was pointing to several small raised scabbed areas around his elbows and hands.

“Bichos” are larva worms that have embedded under the skin. Thankfully Ibrahim didn’t have much feeling in those areas and was completely blind so couldn’t see the disgusting process of removing them. For the next half hour, Gabriel and I picked out about over 40 of them. We dressed him in a new pair of pants before leaving which put a great big smile on his face and we assured him that he has a sisters and brothers who loved him.

Two days later, in between classes, I saw Gabriel at the Iris base and he looked distraught. “Ibrahim died.” I asked him to repeat himself to make sure I understood. He had died some time on Sunday.

I was both sad that he had to suffer so much and maybe even die alone, but glad for this dear man to now be fully restored in heaven. Love is amazing—it transforms us and can give us such peace to let go into the Arms of Love. I think we did that in some way for this dear man with leprosy, whom now is totally whole again!

Please pray for me for wisdom to know what to do after the mission school in January and for a long term missionary partner to serve the lepers with me and wisdom as to how to move forward in this grace. Thanks and God bless you!

November 10, 2010

Great things going on!

My time in Pemba continues to be extraordinary. On a “typical day” this week, a group of us went out walking in the village to see whom we could bless with our presence and prayers. I greeted “Cheah”, a depressed tall sickly looking man in his 30’s. I asked him if he would like prayer and he gently nodded yes that he was sick and motioned he’d be around the corner. He was a Muslim but was very open for prayer. After five minutes of prayer he walked and said he was a little better but not totally.
He then admitted to some unforgiveness in his heart and after describing his tragedy that provoked his resentment, he decided to forgive the person. By the end of our time praying, we asked him to walk to try out his joints. He moved, jumped and bent down and with a great smile said, “I’m fine.” We asked again, surprised, and He smiled bigger and said, “I have no pain.” So, I pressed further and asked him to squat down and move more. He did and repeated, “I’m fine.” By then we were all cheering and he got more elated and began hugging out 3 young men who accompanied us and shook all of the lady’s hands with great joy. He then wanted to ask Jesus into his heart and could not stop smiling after that.
Our speakers have been from Singapore, Canada and the States—all amazing. I could write volumes on all the things I’m learning and how I’m gaining confidence in who I am as a daughter of such a wonderful loving God, equip to do all He’s calling me to in the near future. The speakers and staff are very encouraging and respectful with me being Catholic which is an added source of joy.
I also had a chance to visit the Pemba leprosy center yesterday and fell in love with the handful of men with leprosy that were there and was so impressed with the program that the locals have organized to care for the lepers. I will be going tomorrow to bring medicines for a dying man whose hands were decaying. I hope to visit regularly while I’m here. Please pray that if I’m meant to be a part of the work on a more regular basis, that they will be open to my involvement.
Thanks for the prayers and support! Much love to each of you!

October 23, 2010

Amazing time in Mozambique!

I was out in a Mozambique “bush” village with my team of 10 mission partners and 12 Mozambique Bible students for the last 3 days. Many amazing things happened! We walked from house to house offering to pray with those in need and people were encouraged, healed and so many gave us gifts of peanuts, cassava, bananas as a thank you.

After going out for several hours, I was walking alone outside our compound chatting to God and praying for our evening ahead when we were going to show the Jesus film to the whole village and pray with the sick.

“God, You know how much I’d love to serve the lepers as a full time mission…If this is also what you want for me to focus on in the next years, then please let me see a leper today.” No more than 15 seconds later, I saw an old woman sitting on the ground in front of her house and went up to greet her.

“Mahavo!” (Makuha greeting) and from a distance I noted her large lesion on her right arm. I knew it was a leprous lesion. I sat next to her and discovered her name is Linda… so apropos for such a miraculous confirmation from God that this is to be my future work. After chatting, I invited a Bible student to translate and I tested the lesion for sensitivity. There was no doubt it was full blown leprosy!

We prayed with this Muslim woman, Linda and I told her how much Jesus loved people with her skin condition. She was clearly touched. I am now arranging for her to get treatment. Amazing, isn’t it?!

We continue to have amazing speakers each day and I am gaining so much in regard to really forming a solid grasp on practical missionary work along with transforming my own heart and identity in Christ. The ecumenical aspect is encouraging, too and one of the long term missionaries is taking me to Mass weekly and we will be getting together regularly to pray for unity in the Body of Christ.

There is so much more to share, but I’ll keep these blogs short…Please keep your prayers going. You can see already how fruitful they are! I love you and thank you so much for partnering with me in prayer and sharing!

Much love,

October 02, 2010

Abundance amidst Depravity in Mozambique

In a few hours I will be back in Africa... it's hard to believe after being done for 3 1/2 years. I will join about 100+ missionaries from various countries to live on the Iris Base in Pemba, Mozambique until Christmas time. We will be guests of the over 500 orphans and many Iris missionaries, growing together in our love for God and for the poor.

It's amazing to think I am going to one of the poorest nations to receive SO much! Abundance amidst so much poverty! But isn't that how God often works? "Give me your 5 loaves and 2 fish!"

Thanks for the prayers for my migraines, I am understanding how much I still hold onto stress and how much we are designed to let it go--to be like children and trust in the Goodness of God. I wonder what percent of our illness and problems are simply caused by our own stress and lack of trusting that we are in His hands?

My bags are fully packed to the brim and I'm also filled with excitement and anticipation of so many good things ahead. Yes, of course there will be trials; I may be naive, but I think it's a good naivity. Having served missions for 7 years I am wide eyed to the potential trials. But I think it's all how you look at difficulties and I pray that I will continue to see God's care and Presence when the going gets tough. That's one gift I see in so many Africans--the ability to rise above the pain and suffering and still say, "Ninzeza!" God is good! (in Tutsi language)

As a farewell to my homeland, I now pray for each of you to receive a missionary's blessing-- Most of you are called to stay and pray, support and encourage the missionaries who go over. May the Lord give you the rewards I am receiving in exchangge for the support you give to missionaries you know and love, and for remembering the poor.

God bless you and thanks for your prayers and love!


September 15, 2010

Heading off to Mozambique!

As of October 5th I'll be in Mozambique! I feel my missionary zeal stirring here at the Catholic Medical Mission Board retreat with fellow missionaries. We're spending the week preparing for our prospective mission ventures.

The day I arrived, I had a terrible migraine. I've been working hard over the past year to get free of the migraines because they hamper my ability to give my all to the people I'm serving. So far, nothing has significantly stopped them. During the climax of my head pounding, at 4 am, I got on my knees and prayed, "Lord, show me what is keeping me from getting healed of these migraines. If it's anything in my heart or habits that need to change, show me so I don't have to struggle with these in Africa!"

I then saw a picture of 4 small African children-- aged 2, 3 and 4 sitting down near me. I lay my head and body along their little laps and heard Jesus say to me, "The children will heal you. Surrender yourself to the children. I am in them and we will heal you."

I did that in prayer and my headache ceased. I feel asleep. That was 5 days ago. I've not had a head ache since!

What does this mean? I ask that you pray with me so that as I go to Iris Ministries for the coming months, I will heard the Lord's heart as to what exactly He wants me to do during my time with Iris. "Unless the Lord builds the house, the labors labor in vain." I want to be in the center of His heart in this next season of my mission work. I would be so blessed if each of you reading this will not only pray for me, but join with me to pray for the poorest of the poor children of our world, to see them touched by God's love and empowered to be all that God has destined them to be! Thank you for your prayers and support!

June 15, 2010

June 2010 newsletter

It’s been exactly three years since I gave up Sudan and missions. How time flies. I’m in a totally different place from when I left Torit in 2007. I’m renewed, more confident than ever of who I am as a daughter of God, and determined to wait on God’s timing and His voice to lead me. I’m so much more happy!

I will be leaving for Mozambique and after Christmas I will go to another location, yet to be determined. It’s exciting! Many are saying to me,“Oh, I don’t know how you can do it!… You must be so strong to go there!

Let me be so clear to you… I can’t do it. Fundamentally, it requires me to give my strengths and weaknesses to God so that by abiding in His Presence, He loves and lives through me. That’s the call of every Christian in whatever city we are called to live in. It’s my hope for each of you, too. It’s so much easier anyway to give up our own control and live in the Spirit!

Some others have remarked, “I don’t need a missions school!” I left in 2007 Sudan totally burnt out. I didn’t have a clear vision for missions; nor did I have the focus to rest in the Father’s love so deeply that I am overflowing and living on a different level. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Phil 4:13 --Now I’m getting it.

I’m going to the Iris missions school to learn how to better love the poor, how to give more of myself without getting burned out, how to practically live Unity in the Body while reaching people who have never heard or understood the goodness of God. I’m longing to pray for the sick and see them more consistently healed and touched by God’s love along with growing in my medical skills as God’s tool. I’m eager to see my and other’s lives transformed by the love and power of God’s goodness. It’s worth any price I’ll have to pay on this journey.

God has clearly released me to go—It’s time. He’s made me with a gift to lay down my life for the poor and forgotten. He’s clearly, miraculously, made it clear that I’m to go “for such a time as this”; even if it costs me my life, health and wealth. Lest any of you reading this are thinking, “Oh my! Unbelievable!” Remember, I’m not doing something that is extraordinary per say,it’s the Gospel and I’m trying to live it literally—the call of each of us.

This life is short and I live to give my best for all He has for me and for others. There are people who, in this life, will only know God’s love better in the way that only you or me can show it. If it’s only for ONE child who would have died of pneumonia if I weren’t there, then so be it. Or for one sad or lame person that I pray for and is healed, that would not have been touched if I hadn’t have gone. For me, that is worth all the sacrifices. What about you in your work, your family? People are waiting to be touched by God’s love in your area too! Keep reaching out to those around you.

Nor can I do this missions call alone. I need each of you—the whole Body of Christ—to support me and to pray for me to remain in the fullness of God’s love 24/7. There's a war out there, not just the Sudanese guns and bombs, but the devil seeks to destroy anything having to do with love. We all know that in each of our lives.

So, your prayer help to protect us from not only the snakes, scorpions, diseases, bullets and bombs, but from the oppression, depression, discouragement and frustration that is so easy to fall into and even more deadly than the other things. I always need more love in my heart

As for finances, I have never had to ask and the Lord has always provided and I will continue to wait on His provision. My desire is not that you sacrifice financially for me in particular, but that you find joy in a way of life that tithes generously into spreading the Kingdom of God’s love. That could mean your neighbors who need a new roof but can’t afford it, or to another Sudanese mission. It doesn’t matter to me—just live a generous lifestyle as the Gospel teaches. You will be blessed!

But if you’d like to give at anytime, as usual, 100% will go for our mission work and none to administrative work. I’m so thankful that Catholic Medical Mission Board is also generously helping me once again:

Please keep me and yourself in prayer to be fully filled with our dear Holy Spirit and “live in the river” that Ezekiel 47 talks about. I pray that we all work for the Unity of the Christian Church so that Jesus’ prayer in John 17 will be realized most fully.

If you’d like me to send you a prayer magnet to remind you to pray for us, and I don’t already have your address, please send it to me! Thanks! Please also send me your prayer requests as I’ll pray for you, too.

Thanks so much for partnering with me on this mission! God bless you!