June 15, 2010

June 2010 newsletter

It’s been exactly three years since I gave up Sudan and missions. How time flies. I’m in a totally different place from when I left Torit in 2007. I’m renewed, more confident than ever of who I am as a daughter of God, and determined to wait on God’s timing and His voice to lead me. I’m so much more happy!

I will be leaving for Mozambique and after Christmas I will go to another location, yet to be determined. It’s exciting! Many are saying to me,“Oh, I don’t know how you can do it!… You must be so strong to go there!

Let me be so clear to you… I can’t do it. Fundamentally, it requires me to give my strengths and weaknesses to God so that by abiding in His Presence, He loves and lives through me. That’s the call of every Christian in whatever city we are called to live in. It’s my hope for each of you, too. It’s so much easier anyway to give up our own control and live in the Spirit!

Some others have remarked, “I don’t need a missions school!” I left in 2007 Sudan totally burnt out. I didn’t have a clear vision for missions; nor did I have the focus to rest in the Father’s love so deeply that I am overflowing and living on a different level. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Phil 4:13 --Now I’m getting it.

I’m going to the Iris missions school to learn how to better love the poor, how to give more of myself without getting burned out, how to practically live Unity in the Body while reaching people who have never heard or understood the goodness of God. I’m longing to pray for the sick and see them more consistently healed and touched by God’s love along with growing in my medical skills as God’s tool. I’m eager to see my and other’s lives transformed by the love and power of God’s goodness. It’s worth any price I’ll have to pay on this journey.

God has clearly released me to go—It’s time. He’s made me with a gift to lay down my life for the poor and forgotten. He’s clearly, miraculously, made it clear that I’m to go “for such a time as this”; even if it costs me my life, health and wealth. Lest any of you reading this are thinking, “Oh my! Unbelievable!” Remember, I’m not doing something that is extraordinary per say,it’s the Gospel and I’m trying to live it literally—the call of each of us.

This life is short and I live to give my best for all He has for me and for others. There are people who, in this life, will only know God’s love better in the way that only you or me can show it. If it’s only for ONE child who would have died of pneumonia if I weren’t there, then so be it. Or for one sad or lame person that I pray for and is healed, that would not have been touched if I hadn’t have gone. For me, that is worth all the sacrifices. What about you in your work, your family? People are waiting to be touched by God’s love in your area too! Keep reaching out to those around you.

Nor can I do this missions call alone. I need each of you—the whole Body of Christ—to support me and to pray for me to remain in the fullness of God’s love 24/7. There's a war out there, not just the Sudanese guns and bombs, but the devil seeks to destroy anything having to do with love. We all know that in each of our lives.

So, your prayer help to protect us from not only the snakes, scorpions, diseases, bullets and bombs, but from the oppression, depression, discouragement and frustration that is so easy to fall into and even more deadly than the other things. I always need more love in my heart

As for finances, I have never had to ask and the Lord has always provided and I will continue to wait on His provision. My desire is not that you sacrifice financially for me in particular, but that you find joy in a way of life that tithes generously into spreading the Kingdom of God’s love. That could mean your neighbors who need a new roof but can’t afford it, or to another Sudanese mission. It doesn’t matter to me—just live a generous lifestyle as the Gospel teaches. You will be blessed!

But if you’d like to give at anytime, as usual, 100% will go for our mission work and none to administrative work. I’m so thankful that Catholic Medical Mission Board is also generously helping me once again: cmmb.org

Please keep me and yourself in prayer to be fully filled with our dear Holy Spirit and “live in the river” that Ezekiel 47 talks about. I pray that we all work for the Unity of the Christian Church so that Jesus’ prayer in John 17 will be realized most fully.

If you’d like me to send you a prayer magnet to remind you to pray for us, and I don’t already have your address, please send it to me! Thanks! Please also send me your prayer requests as I’ll pray for you, too.

Thanks so much for partnering with me on this mission! God bless you!