October 23, 2010

Amazing time in Mozambique!

I was out in a Mozambique “bush” village with my team of 10 mission partners and 12 Mozambique Bible students for the last 3 days. Many amazing things happened! We walked from house to house offering to pray with those in need and people were encouraged, healed and so many gave us gifts of peanuts, cassava, bananas as a thank you.

After going out for several hours, I was walking alone outside our compound chatting to God and praying for our evening ahead when we were going to show the Jesus film to the whole village and pray with the sick.

“God, You know how much I’d love to serve the lepers as a full time mission…If this is also what you want for me to focus on in the next years, then please let me see a leper today.” No more than 15 seconds later, I saw an old woman sitting on the ground in front of her house and went up to greet her.

“Mahavo!” (Makuha greeting) and from a distance I noted her large lesion on her right arm. I knew it was a leprous lesion. I sat next to her and discovered her name is Linda… so apropos for such a miraculous confirmation from God that this is to be my future work. After chatting, I invited a Bible student to translate and I tested the lesion for sensitivity. There was no doubt it was full blown leprosy!

We prayed with this Muslim woman, Linda and I told her how much Jesus loved people with her skin condition. She was clearly touched. I am now arranging for her to get treatment. Amazing, isn’t it?!

We continue to have amazing speakers each day and I am gaining so much in regard to really forming a solid grasp on practical missionary work along with transforming my own heart and identity in Christ. The ecumenical aspect is encouraging, too and one of the long term missionaries is taking me to Mass weekly and we will be getting together regularly to pray for unity in the Body of Christ.

There is so much more to share, but I’ll keep these blogs short…Please keep your prayers going. You can see already how fruitful they are! I love you and thank you so much for partnering with me in prayer and sharing!

Much love,

October 02, 2010

Abundance amidst Depravity in Mozambique

In a few hours I will be back in Africa... it's hard to believe after being done for 3 1/2 years. I will join about 100+ missionaries from various countries to live on the Iris Base in Pemba, Mozambique until Christmas time. We will be guests of the over 500 orphans and many Iris missionaries, growing together in our love for God and for the poor.

It's amazing to think I am going to one of the poorest nations to receive SO much! Abundance amidst so much poverty! But isn't that how God often works? "Give me your 5 loaves and 2 fish!"

Thanks for the prayers for my migraines, I am understanding how much I still hold onto stress and how much we are designed to let it go--to be like children and trust in the Goodness of God. I wonder what percent of our illness and problems are simply caused by our own stress and lack of trusting that we are in His hands?

My bags are fully packed to the brim and I'm also filled with excitement and anticipation of so many good things ahead. Yes, of course there will be trials; I may be naive, but I think it's a good naivity. Having served missions for 7 years I am wide eyed to the potential trials. But I think it's all how you look at difficulties and I pray that I will continue to see God's care and Presence when the going gets tough. That's one gift I see in so many Africans--the ability to rise above the pain and suffering and still say, "Ninzeza!" God is good! (in Tutsi language)

As a farewell to my homeland, I now pray for each of you to receive a missionary's blessing-- Most of you are called to stay and pray, support and encourage the missionaries who go over. May the Lord give you the rewards I am receiving in exchangge for the support you give to missionaries you know and love, and for remembering the poor.

God bless you and thanks for your prayers and love!