November 21, 2010


I will never be the same after this weekend! I went with a group “to the bush” to show the Jesus film and pray with those in need. As the film started, I went with my Scottish friend Margaret Leslie and Swiss friend Irene and one of the Mozambiquan pastors and the local chief to pray with the sick in their home. A 25 year old lady named Teresina, was in severe pain, unable to swallow her saliva due to dental pain in a horribly decayed molar for the last 3 days. She had a fever, was crying and had paint on her face from the witch doctor who tried to cure her.

We prayed for about 30 minutes while the Pastor explained about God’s love for her. Though she felt a little better at the end, we only were convinced of her healing when the chief found us later that night and explained she was totally fine.

The second Muslim lady, Sara, in her late 20’s had been sick for 5 years—I’m guessing AIDS. She was unable to walk much and had chronic pains all over. She wanted healing so badly as she’d spent so much time and money in hospitals and witch doctors. After about a half hour or so, we assisted her to walk and she said she felt different-- absolutely fine. She came with us to the Jesus film with her high fever hd gone and now convinced of God’s love for her, she eagerly accepted Jesus into her life.

The next morning the chief walked two miles to tell us that the whole village was celebrating all the miracles that happened and that Teresina is now brushing her teeth, eating and talking a lot…all things she had been unable to do for over 3 days! Sara was now feeling normal and had dreams all through the night of being set free from all her demons and sicknesses and that she was now very, very happy. Amazing!! These are just a portion of the exciting things that happened!

God has so much for us His children if we are just open to receive it. The reason we pray in the Our Father prayer, “thy Kingdom come… on earth as it is in heaven” is that He wants us to be free of sickness, unforgiveness, bitterness because those things are not present in heaven. Yes, God loves to use medicine and dentistry to help bring His Kingdom, and he brings good out of our suffering; but practically speaking--the amount of time I would have spent to help these poor desperate women would have been much more than what God did for them in a short time.

What God did for these women transformed their body, mind and soul permanently— and free! It taught them that they have an advocate, a God and people who love them and takes care of them when other means can’t.

I know you have people in your neighborhood who need some encouragement. I pray that today you allow God to use you to make a difference in someone’s life who is hurting because the more we give, the more we get blessed.

Please keep us in your prayers… I depend on them!


November 16, 2010

Ibrahim touched by love

I visited the center for leprosy in Pemba early this week. While I was there, Gabriel, the beautiful health worker volunteer, was planning to do a dressing change on Ibrahim, a 60 year old man whose whole life has been plagued by leprosy. Most likely, the severity of his leprosy was due to many attempts to complete the year long treatment which thwarted by wars and lack of access to medication and poverty. He must of suffered from a young age as he had no children or wife which for an African is a horrible thing.

We bathed both elbows and hands and dressed the wounds of his feet with gauze. “Ibrahim- do you know that God loves you so much?” and sweet Abraham nodded with a very big smile. “I know.” Chema, the Director of the program who himself is a recovered leper and has totally contractured and stumped fingers, said, “Bichos—ele tem bichos” and was pointing to several small raised scabbed areas around his elbows and hands.

“Bichos” are larva worms that have embedded under the skin. Thankfully Ibrahim didn’t have much feeling in those areas and was completely blind so couldn’t see the disgusting process of removing them. For the next half hour, Gabriel and I picked out about over 40 of them. We dressed him in a new pair of pants before leaving which put a great big smile on his face and we assured him that he has a sisters and brothers who loved him.

Two days later, in between classes, I saw Gabriel at the Iris base and he looked distraught. “Ibrahim died.” I asked him to repeat himself to make sure I understood. He had died some time on Sunday.

I was both sad that he had to suffer so much and maybe even die alone, but glad for this dear man to now be fully restored in heaven. Love is amazing—it transforms us and can give us such peace to let go into the Arms of Love. I think we did that in some way for this dear man with leprosy, whom now is totally whole again!

Please pray for me for wisdom to know what to do after the mission school in January and for a long term missionary partner to serve the lepers with me and wisdom as to how to move forward in this grace. Thanks and God bless you!

November 10, 2010

Great things going on!

My time in Pemba continues to be extraordinary. On a “typical day” this week, a group of us went out walking in the village to see whom we could bless with our presence and prayers. I greeted “Cheah”, a depressed tall sickly looking man in his 30’s. I asked him if he would like prayer and he gently nodded yes that he was sick and motioned he’d be around the corner. He was a Muslim but was very open for prayer. After five minutes of prayer he walked and said he was a little better but not totally.
He then admitted to some unforgiveness in his heart and after describing his tragedy that provoked his resentment, he decided to forgive the person. By the end of our time praying, we asked him to walk to try out his joints. He moved, jumped and bent down and with a great smile said, “I’m fine.” We asked again, surprised, and He smiled bigger and said, “I have no pain.” So, I pressed further and asked him to squat down and move more. He did and repeated, “I’m fine.” By then we were all cheering and he got more elated and began hugging out 3 young men who accompanied us and shook all of the lady’s hands with great joy. He then wanted to ask Jesus into his heart and could not stop smiling after that.
Our speakers have been from Singapore, Canada and the States—all amazing. I could write volumes on all the things I’m learning and how I’m gaining confidence in who I am as a daughter of such a wonderful loving God, equip to do all He’s calling me to in the near future. The speakers and staff are very encouraging and respectful with me being Catholic which is an added source of joy.
I also had a chance to visit the Pemba leprosy center yesterday and fell in love with the handful of men with leprosy that were there and was so impressed with the program that the locals have organized to care for the lepers. I will be going tomorrow to bring medicines for a dying man whose hands were decaying. I hope to visit regularly while I’m here. Please pray that if I’m meant to be a part of the work on a more regular basis, that they will be open to my involvement.
Thanks for the prayers and support! Much love to each of you!