June 30, 2011

The Great Leper

I wept and wept seeing Jesus’ heart as He healed the desperate people plagued by leprosy. Weeping because of the pain each person had endured from years of harsh rejection, bitter shame and intense suffering; crying 'happy tears' because they finally knew true love and their incredible dignity.

As I read the book, Second Touch by Thoene, I felt deeply that this is not only ‘a fictional novel’—this really is Jesus’ heart to heal from the inside and out, those afflicted with leprosy. As I wept, I realized more deeply than ever, that He has given me a piece of His heart for those who are suffering around the world with leprosy--and it's time to act on it concretely.

I then remembered my friend Carisianno in Pemba, Mozambique—his tender face so marred that it made him appear inhuman; his left ankle and foot so contorted he had to walk on the anterior part of his foot with a special shoe that was so worn and broken that it barely fit anymore. His swollen fingers—if that’s what they are still called—so contorted that they were useless. But his heart—his heart so amazingly golden, tender, full of feeling! Tears rolled from his blinded eyes when we parted for the final time.

Please pray with me and those that God will send to work with me in this leprosy ministry. I actually don’t know what the ministry will look like—but Jesus does. (Jeremiah 29:11 “I know the plans I have for you…” )

I leave for Yei, South Sudan in two days to work with YWAM and have no idea if that is where God will bloom this leprosy work. Please pray with me to listen attentively, and follow however He leads me, but I sense the Lord’s eagerness to be with his children with leprosy. He who was called, “the Great Leper” (Isaiah 53:3-5) has taken on yours and my leprosy—we all need God’s Touch.

May you open your hearts today in a greater way to God’s love and healing touch. He cares about every detail and concern in your life--more than you’ll ever know!

Thanks for your prayers and love,

June 18, 2011

Praying for those in Nuba Mountains

Dr. Tom Catena had to amputate 2 children's arms this week because of bombs dropped by the Khartoum government on the people of the Nuba Mountains. All the people want is freedom or religious, security, to live in peace and develop their lives. Please pray for a cease fire and breakthrough there!

I left there last week and am transitioning through Nairobi and Uganda on my way to join a new family of missionaries in Yei, South Sudan. Youth With a Mission (YWAM) is the group, one that I was a part of 15 years ago and loved. What will I do? We'll see... probably a combination of some medical work in their clinic, some leprosy ministry and joining with the YWAMers to build the faith and character of the people in our area. I'm excited!

Thanks for your prayers and support... More stories to follow in the coming month! Please pray for peace in the south as they get ready to celebrate their Independence day on July 9th!

June 11, 2011

Keep praying for peace to reign in Nuba Mountains

Dear Friends,

I arrived safely in Nairobi 2 days ago, but our amazing medical team decided to stay and serve the wounded from the fighting in Southern Kordofan at Mother of Mercy Hospital. Since the last attack in Heiban, which was in my previous blog, no further major incidents have occurred near us.

God has great plans for the people of Nuba Mountains--for peace, self determination, freedom in all aspects and most of all freedom to live in unity and tranquility. Please continue to pray for God's peace to come to those fighting and for international aid to contribute to those suffering.

I will rest in Nairobi for a week or so then head to a new mission site in Yei, South Sudan in preparations for the July 9th celebration of the new country of South Sudan!

Thanks for your love, support and prayers for me and our brothers and sisters of Sudan,

June 08, 2011

a Sorrowful Awakening Tonight

I can’t sleep now, I’m thinking about what just happened tonight. I heard Esther, our Ugandan Midwife talking loudly outside my door, “30 people are being brought from Heiban—shot. Let’s go!” So our whole medical team attended to the wounded, many who will need amputation tomorrow.

The war has begun here in Nuba Mountains, Sudan. After almost a decade of relative peace, the fight for independence continues. I will be leaving here in 1 ½ days as it is becoming too unsafe here. Please pray for peace for these dear people and a smooth transition for our team and the 60 employees of the diocese including builders, teachers, pastoral staff and we the medical team.

Thank you for walking with us in prayer.

June 04, 2011

Disappointments are in God's hands...

Dear Friends,

Amidst all the great things I've been sharing, there are many sad things that are difficult to understand. Three precious kids whom I've been fighting for, praying for, buying special foods for passed away in the last week... such a mystery... yet at the same time Musegba in my last blog got healed... Politically things are tense here in the Nuba Mountains and I encourage you all to pray for peaceful solutions for these dear people.

All I can do is still thank God and trust Him amidst such obscurity. "I will trust in You God... teach me Your ways" Psalms

Pray for me as I transition to Yei in the south of Sudan by mid June to discern a few ministries there. Pray for me to rest in the Lord amidst all these transitions in a way that brings a great Joy and strength amidst all these challenges.

God bless you!