October 14, 2011

MIssions in Ohio...

I'm back, settling into my Ohio'n life. Here's a little update...
* I'll stay in the States 'a while' to help build up some of the young people with a heart for missions here at Franciscan University and work on building the foundations of my own mission work
* I start back at my old job at Take Care Health retail clinic as of December 13
* I'll continue to volunteer at the 4th Street Free clinic weekly
* It's on my heart to start some sort of coffee house or meeting place for young people with all the churches working together on it. I'm hoping it will also emerge into a place where we can pray for our city to see God really do something even greater here. The reaction of people downtown is, "That's what this city needs!"
* Joseph Ofuho, a Sudanese son of mine, is in Medical School in Uganda in his first semester. Thanks for all the donations to help him to keep on studying until 2016.
* I'm working on a missions formation program for leaders of short term missions which may launch next September. Please pray for wisdom as I develop this.
* I will continue to stay connected with many missionaries who are on the field doing amazing things, so if you need places to share your resources and prayers, let me know.
* And I'm eagerly taking extra time to go deeper in the things of God--He has so much for each of us!

Most likely some time after 2013 God will call me to some wonderful 'crazy' place to serve people with leprosy along with a team of other missionaries... so if you can also keep that in prayer for me!

Thanks so much for all your love and support this last year in Africa! I love you all!