January 06, 2012

Mama Nita's Coffee House...

I've got to be a missionary wherever God calls me... and for now, it's in Steubenville. Joseph is doing great in Medical school, and let us continue to pray for his country of Sudan who is really struggling now to remain at peace...

Here in Steubenville, we also need transformation by God's presence. Check out my new blog and you can sign up to get updates from there too... it's exciting!


If you live in the Steubenville area, we'll be having some clean up days on the 15th & 16th of January...let me know if you're interested to help. We'll also welcome anyone willing to do interior house painting and garden cleanup work that coming week. And of course we'll need a bunch of things to get the house looking like a very cool looking Coffee House, so anyone interested in helping, C'mon down!

Please keep this mission in prayer... we're expecting God to do great things through it! Thanks for your love and support!