July 31, 2012

Keep the Hope!

So many people are worried about the economy, our nation, increasing violence, etc. I'm not stressed! I see signs of hope! It is in difficult challenging times that great leaders and God's love and hope can shine. Small steps in faith can birth creative dreams never thought possible. I am sure in your own neighborhood and family you can and are making a difference. Don't give up!
Mama Nita's Coffee House Ministry is moving forward in the house-rehabilitation phase. Amidst our nation's struggles, we have received over 2500 volunteer hours since we started cleaning out the house in February of this year! Amazing! The Community keeps asking us with hopeful anticipation, "When are you opening???" On the other side of the world, in Nuba Mountains, I keep in touch with the Camboni Sisters and the Nurse Practitioners from Sudan that are serving with Dr. Tom Catena. They are true heroes. Bomber planes drop bombs all around, they care for those needing amputations and who don't survive the trauma. They are starving.
Think of that the next time you buy yourself another 'treat because you deserve it". Think of the hungry around the world and share as much as you can in these trying days. You can send money to any Camboni Missionary Sisters convent around the world to the attention of the Sisters in the Nuba Mountains and they themselves will feed the starving and victims of the genocide. We have SO much to be grateful for. Please don't complain about the heat, humidity, 'the economy' or 'violence'. Do something about it. Pray, reach out and say "Hi" to the drug dealers, prostitutes, the 'over-privileged' who don't share. These times call for a greater sacrifice in our lives than we've ever given before. I want to answer 'on that day' to my Father in heaven, that I've given my 100%. I am no where near being able to say that yet, but I am hoping to be one day. Bless you ALL for praying! Let's pray for one another...Thanks so much!!
Thanks to YOUTH WORKS who have helped Mama Nita's so much this summer! You all ROCK!