June 04, 2014

Please sign this petition to stop bombs in Sudan

This is a video of our Easter Celebration in the Nuba Mountains before Mary Mother of Mercy hospital was built. This week they started bombing where my friends are working including Dr. Tom Catena, Margaret Camarca and some lovely Cambboni Sister friends. Please sign the petition below and take some time to ask others to sign it by July 4th. We have a month to get 100,000 signatures.

Thanks for helping them! We want them home alive and well and the hospital to continue in peace.


1. Diving protection over every hospital stafff both physically and emotionally and supernatural sleep and rest amidst the tension and hard work of caring for over 300 patients.
2. Supernatural stopping of the bombing and violence in the Nuba and partiularly on the hospital.
3. Peace in both Sudan and South Sudan and for men to humble themselves before God and promote peace.

Thank you and God bless you!