July 14, 2014

Katie's talk at the Charismatic Conference

If you'd like to be challenged to share the love of God wherever you go daily, listen to this talk I gave at the June Conference at Franciscan University. Please keep me in prayer that God will take me deeper and give me more wisdom, encouragement anointing, and inspiration to reach out to the addicts and street ladies in my neighborhood. It's the most challenging mission I've ever been on! Please pray for dedicated people to help me also-- Thanks everyone!

Here's the links:
Part 1

Part 2

July 01, 2014

Isaiah 61 promises...

The definition of Christian is very clear:

One who and has been touched by the love of God shown through Jesus, understanding that he gave up his life and having been touched is impelled to show that love in practical and in spiritual and miraculous ways so others and I’d say if people don’t show it in a practical way to the poor and to others then they’ve never been touched by Love. Those that rule out the idea of miraculous intervention may never of understand that a dead Christ was raised to life miraculously.
Jackie Pullinger – current day missionary, one of my heroes of the Faith

Today, I saw Isaiah 61 lived through me...

A 65 year old Veteran man who was beat up at 11 pm a few blocks down the road after returning from the store just some months ago broke 2 cervical vertebrae and was very sad all the time. We just kept loving on him, praying for his neck pain and today he came to sit on our stairs to hear the praise and worship we do on our porch every Monday evening, carrying his 6-pack.

"I have a lot of demons I am fighting inside me." I then took his hand and explained to him the Good News of Isaiah 61-- that Jesus came to take all our pain that we are drinking away and He really can heal it. We talked for a while, we prayed- He cried-- and gave his life again to Jesus and invited the Holy Spirit to fill him up and heal his heart.

He said, "I never heard the Gospel like that! I always felt bad to give Jesus my pain because He already did so much for me I didn't want to burden him. But now I understand that it's ok to give it to Him."

I encouraged him to meet with his Pastor whom he was estranged from and ask him to help him give his pain to Jesus. We prayed for some residual pain in his neck (much of it he said was healed from paying last time) and his neck felt better. Thanks God. It was beautiful!

Then a man whom a friend has been helping to get off drugs has been coming by for encouragement and we fed him, showed him a movie by Jackie Pullinger about heroin addicts like him who have gotten free from their pain and received a new life in Christ. We then prayed with him for a baptism of the Holy Spirit and power and grace as he is leaving tomorrow morning for Teen Challenge, thanks to a local Pastor and his wife who help people get totally free from drugs.

What a privilege this is! Sometimes I get tired of living downtown, but this is where He is calling me for now. I pray for each of you to reach out to your neighbors, offer to pray with them, get to know their pain and hurt and you also can be the promise of Isaiah 61 to them. The world is hungry for Jesus-- step out of your comfort zone today and believe God can use you to be a blessing!