November 30, 2014

It's a New Season...

I used to boast of my childlike faith-- faith that would allow me to take a plane to Southern Sudan without knowing anyone or ever having camped before and then living in a tent for several years serving as a medical missionary. Or faith that would give me confidence to live alone in a downtown Steubenville dilapidated mansion while I began a new city outreach.

I am sure there was a degree of faith in me for those ventures, but I also have a God-given contagious adventuring spirit to run into dark places with confidence that He has my back, not caring for myself but for the life and light He is bringing through me.

In this new season of my life, He is developing a greater aspect of faith--it's different than the faith I have exercised in the past.

I am leaving Steubenville and moving back to California, where I was born, and where most of my family and relatives live. It has been the desire of my heart to live nearer to them. I have always desired to live near horses, near lakes and big trees, but I always felt that such desires were unimportant to me or God because there is SO MUCH TO DO on earth and I don't have time for such things.

But there is a mystery about the character and nature of the Father heart of God that I do not yet understand, but that this move to California will help me to understand better. Amidst the crisis' in the world and all around my city, He actually desires and delights to pay attention to my desires and dreams. It's both--and. He desires I have a heart and give time for the lost, the broken and needy around the world, but He also at times delights in giving and refreshing me with the desires of my heart. I don't understand Him... but you will see in these coming years as you read my blogs,a revelation of the Father's goodness and character that I hope will also bless you also!

As I look to sell my home in Steubenville ( and possibly buy one in Oakhurst, CA most likely, He is calling me to have a new kind of faith. It's a personal kind of faith. Do I really truly believe that that my Father has a specific house selected for me, and a select person to buy my Steubenville house? Or do I just "pray for it". Instead of having a stance of "begging God to sell/buy the houses", He wants me to know Him, trust Him and consider it already done. He said that we can ask ANYTHING in His name and "it will be done". That means I can be confident and agree with Him that it is done, the house is sold and the new house is already known. I've heard Him say to move, and He has released the mission house to another mission, and so,now it's time for the other house.

It's a different kind of faith. The faith I exercised going to Sudan was and adventurous faith that yelled "Jump! He will catch me!". But this faith He is forming in me is a faith that is quiet, confident because I see the Father's heart and eyes and rest in Him, waiting on Him with eager expectation, confident that it is already done. There is no anxiety or doubt in this kind of faith because it comes from a revelation that my Father is 100% good and has it all worked out according to His perfect way. It comes from a confidence that if we are sheep being led by a voice of a shepherd, then we are made to hear Him and follow Him. He wouldn't call me to just drop me off a cliff. An intimate relationship with God births a confidence that He desires to bless me in all ways, which usually includes trials because trials shape and form us for our betterment. But our hope is on Him and His Goodness...

Thank you for your prayers for me in this transition back to California... that I may do all from a place of rest in Him!

God bless you!

Declarations for you and me....

I declare over you a faith that believes in the goodness of the Father in every situation which silences the fear and anxiety in your life.

I declare over you a greater grace of vulnerability with the Father so that you may receive a deeper revelation of His character and goodness and thus understand how He wants to guide you in every situation.

I bless you with a deeper revelation of who you are in Christ and all that Ephesians 1, 2 and 3 say about who you are as a beloved daughter and son of such a wonderful Father.